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Lydia Antonovna
Cosmetic and medicated creams with an extract of leech
The extract of medicinal leeches is an important component of our creams, which have important vegetable oils, vitamins, minerals, aloe juice....
Author's collection of medicinal herbs. for hirudotherapy
Phytotherapy in combination with Hirudotherapy now widely used in treatment of varices, gynaecology and other diseases
drop of blood under the microscope
Do the inspection of living drop of blood in the coloured field of microscope will see that takes place in your organism
methods and types of bandaging materials are in treatment leeches
After a session Hirudotherapy on a wound it is necessary to impose a sterile bandage
leeches are in veterinary science
In Europe actively use leeches in treatment of animals, in particular horse
Maintenance for Leeches
We remind: leeches fall ill in case of wrong care of them
About Leeches
Curing effect of leech, consists in the reflex action of leech, as she
HISTORY of treatment leeches
Treatment leeches was conceived in the deep past, as to the man actively trading in antiquity fishing, was often

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